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The Gentlemen: A Combination of Satisfying Action and Comedy from All Sides

There is a film that does not get much attention, but it turns out to be very entertaining and must be watched. The Gentlemen tells the story of an expatriate Mickey Pearson who built a very profitable marijuana business in London. When word got out that Mickey intended to sell his entire business, various intrigues, tricks, bribes, and extortion arose from various parties in order to steal his land. You can watch it on 123 movies.

Nearly three-quarters of the film is narrated narratively by one of the characters in the film. Simply put, we will see two people having a dialogue, with one of them being the storyteller. Well, basically, the synopsis circulating on the internet is a picture of the story being told.

Of course not entirely a narrative story. So, the audience doesn’t need to be afraid of being bored. There remains the original scene, where Mickey Pearson and his colleagues act, as a true picture of the story being told. We – the audience – are only positioned as those who (indirectly) come to hear the story of the speaker to the speaker.

The action side of this film can be seen from the scenes of Mickey Pearson (and some of the characters who are on his side) meeting his opponents. And as he claims, in addition to the crime/action genre, there is also a comedy. The good, this film managed to show the comedy side without seeming forced at all. The jokes in this film are presented through the chat of each character, and of course, most often brought up by the character who acts as the ‘narrator of the story’ on the interlocutor.

It is appropriate to see two people who are quite close, and one of them — aka the storyteller — is a typical person who speaks frankly. Perhaps, in the everyday world, this is like seeing two people who are close enough to gossip and gossip, with the gossip carrier very fiery in conveying his gossip, while occasionally adding spices to the gossip to make it hotter. Some dialogues between other characters, besides the storyteller, also contain comedy. We will be made to laugh only because of the curses that come out of the mouths of the characters.

In addition, we will also be visually satisfied by The Gentlemen. The color and lighting of the whole film will be very satisfying to the eye for two hours less than seven minutes. In terms of acting? In fact, until the supporting cast who only appeared for a minute or two all of them acted well and not rigid.