1. We forge ahead for a brighter future.

        Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock Code: 600153.SH

        Office Environment

        A fair and equitable working environment, performance appraisal mechanism and flexible employment system can ensure that anyone here will be treated equally. At the same time, we endeavor to create a simple and caring atmosphere, where every employee can be fully respected and can give full play to all his/her talents.

        Messages from Employees

        Ye Jinjie

        General Manager Assistant
        Graduated from Nanjing University of Science and Technology
        Year of entry:2014

        “‘Choosing C&D makes you more than what you are’was our slogan for campus recruitment at that time, I have fully felt the power of C&D in the past few years. Join C&D, fit into C&D, and brave the wind and waves together with the great ship of C&D!”
        Lin Xiaosong

        Business Manager
        Graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology
        Year of entry:2016

        “C&D provides us with a broad platform and rich resources to help us learn and grow quickly, improve professional skills and business proficiency to create more corporate benefits and realize personal value.”
        Lin Qiao

        Sales Manager
        Graduated from Dalian Maritime University
        Year of entry:2016

        “C&D is an enterprise of sustainable development and progress with professional operation as the starting point and international layout as the direction. As long as there is a dream, there will be a stage.”
        She Peng

        Deputy General Manager (In charge)
        Graduated from Nankai University
        Year of entry:2012

        “Hop like a fish in the sea,fly like a bird across the sky. Forty years of C&D, tomorrow will be a better future.”
        Chen Yuan

        Business Manager
        Graduated from Dalian Maritime University
        Year of entry:2019

        “Striving in C&D is a process of creation, creating value for ourselves and the company, and seeking fun and the meaning of work in the process of creation. ”
        Huang Ziling

        Assistant to General Manager
        Graduated from Peking University
        Year of entry:2011

        “C&D is a platform that allows newcomers to practice and grow in taking on responsibilities. Achieve C&D’s common cause, and perfect ourselves at work. ”
        Zhang Ning

        Business Manager
        Graduated from The University of Liverpool
        Year of entry:2017

        “As long as you forge ahead step by step, the broad platform and professional talents of C&D will help you realize your dream. ”
        Ren Jie

        Business Manager
        Graduated from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
        Year of entry:2016

        “Inheritance is the main theme of C&D. From the trip around Xiamen Island when joining the company, to the one-on-one tutors during the course of work, to the passing on of experience after becoming proficient at the job, all of these show the culture of inheritance of C&D. Come to C&D and work together with the extraordinary. ”
        Wang Chenchen

        Business Manager
        Graduated from Zhejiang University
        Year of entry:2017

        “One person may go very fast, but a group of people can go further. Run on the road toward dreams with like-minded people! ”
        Zhu Jianfeng

        General Manager
        Graduated from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
        Year of entry:2012

        “The vast stage provided by C&D allows every member to believe that hard work will be paid off. ”